Dance Dance

August 25, 2023

I danced, I danced and I danced.

The music freed me from the bonds of shyness, the inhibitions and the prison of my thoughts. I danced, I danced and I danced. In circles I colored the dull room, repainted the smiled of those lost thoughts, I danced. With Every beat of that drum I pushed away my soul from the creator and added a day to my life.

My veil that covered my face couldn’t hide my smile, couldn’t weigh down my happiness, couldn’t  tie me anymore, I danced. While I swish and I swayed and I grooved and I moved, I punctured my body to pull out my wings, my frails of my linen that tailed the colors of the rainbow, I danced.

My sweat on my temples witnessed the fresh air of trill for the first time, the gossip of my bangles went to my toe rings, while my eyes could only picture the dream that was orchestrating the mirrors were absorbing and weren’t reflecting.

I hovered over the trance and the fingers on those instruments spoke to me of their freedom, the notes were singing for me, and clef motivated me every time they whistled. I danced to the beats to Jubilate celebration, to liberate freedom, and to content happiness.

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